Happy Women’s day!

Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash

Today is just a reminder for everything that you have done!

It’s a reminder of your love, strength, passion and courage.

You are a powerful woman, beautiful and caring. You have bad days and good ones. You have marks under your eyes, you have wounds in your heart.
You have all this pressure to be perfect and usually, you forget that you already are perfect.

You have all these people judging you and you are still doing your best. You are aware, too aware of your flaws. You know that you are capable to succed.

Remember who you are, woman.
You care, you love you give. You fight, you smile, you cry.
You! Young or old. You go through life and you take it as it is. Sometimes complaining, sometimes fighting, sometimes hating.
You are human. You are you! And we are part of you!

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