Time for improvement!

Me after one hour and a half of tennis

Who I am behind this mask that I am showing to everyone and even to myself?

I love the sun, the rain, my partner, my friends, my customers, my colleagues, my job, my shoes, my new earrings, my new clothes, and the old ones but I can’t seem to love the most important part of my life: myself or more exactly my body.

I have so much love and empathy to give to everyone but me. I don’t know how to love myself. I mean I know what in theory I am supposed to do. And I am trying to “fake it until I make it” but to be honest I still feel that space in my stomach (which I usually fill with food).

And I receive love! Tons and tons of love, but do I really feel it? When a tiny-tiny part of myself wonders what the hell they love?

And why?

I read this article few nights ago: “The Diet Industrial Complex Got Me, and It Will Never Let Me Go” on The New York Times, written by Sarah Miller. She gave up! I almost started crying, and tears are coming back even now. She gave up! And me?! Well, I gave up as well on ever loving myself, through all this body had to take all this time, I never found a moment to truly give the credit that it deserves.

And why? Because I have been taught that:

I can’t wear a skirt or shorts because I am too fat

I can’t wear shirts and t’ shirts without sleeves because my arms are too big and I am afraid that will show to much skin and people will find me gross.

I have a nice face but I would be prettier if I would lose some kilograms.

They said all these awful things and I believed them and I tried to cope. All my life I was on a diet, dreaming about that moment when I will be skinny and pretty and people will look at me and admire me, and envy me for the body I got!

And now I am in a place where I can’t eat without being on a diet.

I am emptying the fridge with one meal or I am barely eating. I don’t know how to be normal.

But one thing I know for sure!

I won’t give up! I refuse to give up on myself!

So, I decided what I will do. I will look out for my body. I will eat healthy, without any crazy diet.

I signed up for the gym and today I will go for the first time! I will sleep more, I will drink less coffee and more water. I will relax more often and exercise more.

I love playing tennis so I want to start doing this regularly.

I will find a way to give more love to this body.

I will find a way to love myself more. To give me what I deserve and which is more than constant criticism.

This is a promise to my body and to myself.

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