The Missing Cryptoqueen

Source Picture: BBC

The Missing Cryptoqueen is a fascinating podcast about the woman behind “the biggest scam in History”: OneCoin.

This Podcast has been created for BBC Sounds by Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Catt.

One of the reasons why I liked this podcast so much is the music, specially created for this, it is added so well to the Podcast that I had bumps on my skin most of the time while listening.

And what is not to like about it? I think that this goes beyond liking to shock. This real story shocked me. 

I almost became a victim of this scam, a long time ago but my dad is not a person who gets involved so easy, it sounded too good to be true so he decided to stay away and this is our blessing because it could be such a bad decision.

Dr Ruja is the woman who made so many people join her in this cryptocurrency and to invest their life’s savings with the promise that they will get so rich and powerful that nothing will be able to stop them. And this is exactly the kind of message that people want to hear. To overcome poverty and the worries of the next day is a dream that millions of people thought that it finally became true!

And they still do!

Which for me is crazy. The story of people who convinced their families and friends to invest and the realisation that they lost everything is heartbreaking. 

And even after FBI declared that OneCoin is a scam and that DR. Ruja Ignatova and her brother are convicted, people still don’t believe.

She disappears taking money with her and no one can find her. 

How can this be possible?

As Jamie said in the last episode, in the end, it doesn’t even matter where she is. BitCoin is believed by people because it is possible in this world to become a millionaire overnight( Bitcoin- a legitimate cryptocurrency is proof) and so many people want the same! 

The economy is so broken, people don’t trust anymore the banks, the government and the authorities that when someone comes with nice fairy-tailes about becoming rich that they believe it instantly. They are willing to do everything just to get money quick. 

And now, more than ever it made me aware that every one of us has to be responsible for the information that we believe and share with others because the consequences will be supported by everyone.

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