A concert, a leather jacket and a shy girl

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Look at her how beautiful she is. She is here with all of her friends, they are so different from her. She is so special, unique, shy and that leather jacket doesn’t fit her style. She shouldn’t be here, it is too noisy, too crowded and too messy. I want to take her to my special place and take care of her and…uhh!
-Look at that creep staring, someone yelled.
-Dude, do you need something? a couple of people starting crowding around me, I should go I thought.
-No, sorry! I turn my back and walk away. Soon my precious, you will be mine soon!

Day 2 Of Tribe Scribe 10 Days Writing Challenge

Here is a prose of 10 sentences, involving a leather jacket, a concert and a shy girl.
I wanted something different so the main guy could be a criminal following his next victim, but he is interrupted by people that are sensing that he is dangerous.

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