A Letter to aliens

Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

Dear Friends from far away

I am writing this letter to you intending to make our planet’s way of being known.
I am sure you know that we exist- how smart we can be and how not that smart most of the times we are.
We discovered that somehow, our biggest enemy is ourselves;
Now, probably you are a bit shocked, but to be honest I don’t care.
Yes we are stupid, yes we are having many faces, most of them shady and we are selfish and arrogant, we are even criminals and monsters.
So what? Do you have only good aliens there into the big sky?
Even if we have our problems, we have so many more good people!
We have our part of darkness, but we are trying to love, to hope, to create, to improve ourselves and the ones around us, we are trying to make a better world and this is the most beautiful part of us!
We try our best, not all the time, maybe not enough sometimes, but we try our best!

Yours full of faith in humankind
Lucid Sonder

Day 3 of Scribe Tribe 10 Days Writing Challenge.
Today I had to write a letter to aliens.
I hope that I truly succeed to include humankind’ ways of being.

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