A poem For my Father

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash
I forgive you.
This time is for real.

I will forgive you and learn,
How to move on.
I didn't come with instructions
When my mother gave birth to me.

And you just didn't know
how to show your feelings.
When you were fighting a war,
To make sure that your family survives
one more day, one more year.
You just forgot how is to feel love
You cared for me.
You were just too busy to show it.

You wanted so much more
and pushed me over my limits.
However, we both know
that I am a survivor and a fighter
Just like you are.

I needed to hate you
I needed to want more than that
To get where I am now.
And to not stop when they try
to pin me down.

I don't know if you were aware,
But the parental instinctive won again,
And you learned and accepted your fate,
Of me… hating you!
And you, half disappointed
Half always proud
Of your little girl.

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