What is love?

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

So many yell in your face
And are shouting and clarifying
What they think that LOVE is.
And yet, just a few actually know it:
That Love doesn't have a definition;
You can't look after it in the dictionary.
You feel it in your tea or in your coffee,
You see it in your sky,
You hold hands with it in kindergarten,
You teach it how to swim.
You meet it a bookshop.
You dance with it in a club.
You recognise it from the distance
And sometimes after years of being close.
So many people yell and tell you who to love
So many hate to give or show their love.
And way too many don't know how to.
And yet:
When you look love in the eyes,
When it kisses your lips at the end.
When you run together through life.
When you hold hands while sleeping.
When you dance in the kitchen;
When you play games- the board ones.
When you miss love.
When you cry because they do
Or when you are strong for them,
Nothing else matters anyway
Because love is different.
So many yell in your face
They show you who and how to love
-Leave them alone and...


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