The one who brings me yellow flowers

Photo by Dong Cheng on Unsplash
I brought you yellow flowers
I know how much you like them
Because they are so weird
And yet so beautiful
You think that yellow
is not an appropriate colour
for a flower
That it makes others
flowers feel weird.
That's why you love them so much.
Because you are like that.
You are different
You care too much;
You love too much;
You speak so much;
You sing and dance,
Even when it's inappropriate;
You are yourself;
And you want just to become better
-at being yourself
Original, Unique, Alive.
And who can love you
as much as I do?

-Just You! The one that looks at me
from the mirror
The one that gets shy
When I smile
The one that holds my hand tight
When I can't breathe.
The one that cuddles me.
When I cry too much.
The one that loves me unconditionally
The one that will fight with the entire world,
And with his demons.
Just to make me smile.
The one who understands my sight.
Without any other explanation
The One. My One.

The one who brings me yellow flowers.

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