The lovers from the dreams

Photo by Jeff Tumale on Unsplash
Her lover from the dream,
Came to see her again.
He came to see how she is
If she can ever forgive him.

He gave her so many emotions,
So much pain, so much discomfort,
So much hate and they danced so much more.
They have so much ecstasy and so much fantasy.
They danced through this big world
Like nothing else ever mattered.
Step by step they were living in her dreams;
Both existing just to love
And to give each other passion.

They danced everywhere:
On the streets, bridges and theatres.
Without faking their way of being
They shared everything-
And they became one:
One brain, one heart, one body
one smile and one individual.

They are still dancing
Trapped in each other's dreams
Without ageing,
Without caring for material things
They will dance
As long as eternity will exist.
They are in my dreams.
I am sure that you met them as well
They give us hope
That one day we will find true love.

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