Naked souls

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash
Let's get naked for a moment.
I will give up my fears.
And you will uncover the truth
behind your scars.
I will show you my wounds,
And you will understand where I've been.
You will get naked in front of me,
Knowing that I won't judge you.
I will show you all my imperfections,
And you will kiss every one of them.
You will show me your naked soul,
And how much the others hurt you.
And I will swear with blood that
I will die before doing the same.
I will feel your bare skin,
and I will learn every aspect of it.
You will touch me gently
and teach me to be brave.
We will get naked
And be honest about who we are.
We will understand each other
In the truest and natural form.
Naked of lies, walls and baggage.
And after we inspect each other
We will get dressed with full trust.

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